Geology of the Wimberley area, Hays and Comal Counties, Texas



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Cretaceous limestone, marl, and dolomite of Late Aptian to Middle Albian age crop out in the Wimberley area, a 5-minute by 10-minute quadrangle in central Texas situated in the dissected eastern margin of the Edwards Plateau. Formations exposed are the upper part of the Glen Rose, the Walnut, and the lower part of the Edwards. The Glen Rose, which crops out over 90% of the area, is subdivided into 7 informal members defined on mappability on aerial photographs. Six major step faults of the Balcones fault zone transect the area, displacing the strata downward to the southeast about 700 feet. The outstanding geomorphic features are the high relief hills and ridges south of the Blanco River, which are caused by dissection along the Edwards Plateau margin, and the deflections of Cypress Creek and Blanco River where they cross faults.