A Physics Based Multi-resolution Technique For Extraction Of Finite Duration Time Responses In Radar Images




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Electrical Engineering


This paper presents a wavelet multi-resolution technique for examination of scattering phenomena in radar images. Through multi-resolution frequency domain analysis, range gating is implemented for extraction of wave medium interaction phenomena. To analyze the data, a sliding range gate is implemented by applying a phase shift to the spectral domain far field data prior to wavelet analysis. A method for efficient removal of window effects, which occur due to the finite nature of the data, is demonstrated through reconstruction of the decomposed waveform following removal of the lowest resolution. A correlation of the physical meaning of the multi-resolution data to scattering interactions is demonstrated for several test cases consisting of metallic targets. Results and representative images, reconstructed from the experimental scattering data, demonstrate that the proposed approach provides a means to examine scattering phenomena at different instances in time.