The controls on reservoir continuity within the late Mississippian Elkton Member at Caroline Field, Central Alberta, Canada.




Kuijper, Kimberley E.

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Caroline Field, located in Alberta, Canada, was discovered in 1954 and currently has recovered 96% of its 68.3 mmbbl of recoverable oil reserves from the Mississippian Elkton Member (recovery factor of approximately 38%). Additional residual oil reserves at Caroline may be produced through enhanced recovery if carefully guided by a detailed stratigraphic framework. This study focuses on two hydrocarbon operational units within Caroline Field; Sundre Unit #1 and Sundre Rundle B. Detailed core description was conducted on 49 wells within the area. Using the core descriptions and core analysis data acquired from IHS AccuMap®, statistical methods were utilized to understand reservoir quality within the Elkton Member of the Turner Valley Formation. A sequence stratigraphic model was constructed to determine reservoir continuity. The mapping of gross pore volume calculations and flow unit continuity identifies areas where tertiary recovery methods are most likely to be effective.