Developmental assessment of motor & cognitive skills



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ABSTRACT: The C3 Logix system (i-comet technologies, 2013) is a portable evaluation tool on the iPad Air tablet computer that is currently being used as for screening concussion severity in an athlete population. The application employs a neurocognitive exam that is comprised of a battery of tests to evaluate both cognition and motor skills: reaction time, memory, processing time, postural stability, vision, and the vestibulo-ocular reflex. With the exclusion of the concussion screening questionnaire, the C3 Logix program may be an effective, portable tool to study developmental changes in executive function. The Developmental Motor and Cognition Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin has begun a project to 1) create a functional test battery from the C3 Logix system that is portable, simple and reliable in measuring motor development in children. The extant literature contains reports on individual measures of executive function as they change with age. However, the C3 Logix system provides a battery of data on the same individual that may allow for coupling of the executive function data with an assessment of motor skills into a full data collection of multiple measures. The assessment protocol developed in this report will also include functional performance measures to complement the executive function data of the C3 Logix system. The inclusion of functional assessments will yield a tool that is capable of screening for physical readiness to engage in activities that demand greater movement competence. For example, activities of competitive sport require both decision making (executive function) and physical ability for safe and satisfactory execution. The objective of this report is to support this project in three ways: 1) Create an annotated bibliography for background understanding of the tests in the C3 Logix System. 2) Consult with the literature to devise procedures for administration of three function performance tests that challenge the individual’s performance capability beyond basic fundamental motor competency, and 3) complement the description of the selected functional performance tests with video demonstrations.