Vireo 4 Workshop. Y'all ready for this?

Larrison, Stephanie
Mumma, Courtney
Starcher, Christopher
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Texas Digital Library

The walls of development are down and Vireo 4 is taking flight! Are you ready to get your learn on? The Vireo Users Group Steering Committee is proud to offer this free workshop where you will get the essential training you need to use this powerful new system. •Want to separate your dissertation submissions from theses? •Want to give students of Creative Writing their own unique submission area? •Want to include the undergraduate theses in the institutional repository, or preserve them in a separate location?
•Tired of correcting the names and emails of committee members students have provided? •Need to collect information from submitters you were never able to do previously? •Happy with what you have and want to keep it that way? All of this and more is possible with Vireo 4.
Learning outcomes include: •Understanding the core differences between Vireo 3 and Vireo 4.
•Understanding the new organizational structure of Vireo 4 and how to create workflows •Understanding the use of field profiles for customization of workflows •Understanding the creation and application of controlled vocabularies Bring your laptop for hands-on exercises that will prepare you to construct your institution’s unique workflow. This workshop is only open to current users of the Vireo ETD Submission & Management System.

Presented by Texas State University, Texas Digital Library, and Texas Tech University, Pre-conference Workshop, at TCDL 2019.