The influence of professionalization on the recruitment of prospective teachers as perceived by Texas teachers of the year



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Texas A&M University


This study focused on teacher professionalization as it relates to the recruitment of teachers. Five aspects of professionalization were selected from the literature that might influence a prospective teacher to consider a career in education: compensation, credentialing, collaboration, professional development, and autonomy. The broad emphasis of this research was to create awareness among educators of their roles in promoting the profession of teaching. By collecting and analyzing the perceptions of some of the most recognized teachers, regional and state Teachers of the Year, issues that had not previously been studied were confronted and analyzed. Major research findings for the study indicated: ?? Teachers perceive that increased financial benefits, improved public perception of teachers, and positive school culture encourage prospective teachers to consider careers in teaching. ?? A majority of the teachers surveyed reported that they frequently participate in recruitment activities by sharing information on the intrinsic rewards of their careers, by identifying qualities in another person that might lead to the choice of a teaching career, and by telling that person that they would be a good teacher. Based on the findings of the study, researcher recommendations include: ?? Salary schedules should be addressed to include opportunities for teachers to be promoted, yet remain in the classroom. ?? Teachers should inspire secondary students to consider careers in education by participating in career day initiatives. ?? Teachers should invite the media into their classrooms and speak to community groups to promote the profession. ?? Teachers should write op-ed pieces for the newspapers about their profession. ?? Those teachers who have left the profession for family obligations may be lured back into teaching by expanded job-sharing opportunities, part-time positions, and district-managed day care. ?? An intense initiative should be inaugurated to encourage teachers to eliminate negative discussions about the profession. ?? Initiatives that demonstrate public appreciation and acknowledgment of the value of the profession should be implemented.