Standardization of the sliding friction method to evaluate the quality of polymeric textiles



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Texas Tech University


Feel of fabrics is one the most important deciding criteria when a consumer purchases a cloth. Due to the importance of "feel," there are a number of research activities that are directed towards finding a solution to the complex hand or feel evaluation of textile substrates.

Hand measurement techniques that are used currently in the industry are complex, expensive, and require a lot of effort and time. This thesis work is based on finding an easy way to find a parameter that can more or less represent the "feel" of fabrics. Fabric friction has been thought to be the principal component that determines the hand of fabrics. This work is based on finding an easy, simple, and reliable method to quantitatively determine the friction of fabrics.

The well-established sliding friction apparatus has been utilized to develop a new simple friction parameter. Tests were performed on different sets of fabrics varying in both fiber content and fabric constructions. Both woven and nonwoven fabrics were utilized and also enzyme treated fabrics were used in the frictional evaluation. Results showed that the normalized friction parameter was able to compare and characterize the frictional properties of a variety of textile substrates.