Growth of chalcopyrite structure semiconductors ZnSnAs[sub 2] and ZnSnP[sub 2] by molecular beam epitaxy



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Texas Tech University


This work is focused on the epitaxial growth of two closely related compounds: ZnSnAs2 and ZnSnP2. We focused on two structural modifications in which these materials can be obtained: the ordered structure (known as chalcopyrite) and the disordered (sphalerite) equivalent with the same macroscopic composition.

To our knowledge no one has applied modem growth techniques to the epitaxial growth of A"B'^C^2 materials in order to obtain high quality thin films. We decided to investigate the growth of thin films of ZnSnAs2 and ZnSnP2 using gas source molecular beam epitaxy (GS MBE).

The most interesting property of ZnSnP2 is the large difference in the bandgap of the material depending on the degree of microscopic ordering. The bandgap of bulk crystals can change by up to 0.42 eV simply by variation of the growth conditions.