Overall career satisfaction of female presidents of American higher education institutions: a comprehensive description and analysis of predictors



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Texas Tech University


The primary purpose of this research project was to conduct an indepth, comprehensive study of the overall career satisfaction of female presidents of higher education institutions in the United States. As a result, this research: (1) described the overall level of career satisfaction for female presidents; and (2) explored the personal (input) variables and envirormiental variables that predict overall career satisfaction for female college and university presidents. These objectives were met through the use of survey research using the Comprehensive Career Satisfaction Survey, an instrument created by the researcher. Descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis were used to determine the empirical results of this study. Astin's Input-Environment-Output model of assessment provided the structural framework for the study. Locke's values theory and Astin's involvement theory provided the conceptual ft-amework for the analysis of the survey data.