A graphical preprocessing interface for non-conforming spectral element solvers



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A graphical preprocessor for Spectral Element Method (SEM) is developed with an emphasis on user friendly graphical interface and instructive element construction. The interface of the preprocessor helps users with every step during mesh generation, aiding their understanding of SEM. This preprocessor's Graphical User Interface (GUI) and help system are comparable to other commercial tools. Moreover, this preprocessor is designed for educational purposes, and prior knowledge of Spectral Element formulation is not required to use this tool. The information window in the preprocessor shows stepby- step instructions for the user. The preprocessor provides a graphical interface which enables visualization while the mesh is being constructed, so that the entire domain can be discretized easily. In addition, by following informative steps during the mesh construction, the user can gain knowledge about the intricate details of computational fluid dynamics. This preprocessor provides a convenient way to implement h/p type nonconforming interfaces between elements. This aids the user in learning advanced numerical discretization techniques, such as the h/p nonconforming SEM. Using the preprocessor facilitates enhanced understanding of SEM, isoparametric mapping, h and p type nonconforming interfaces, and spectral convergence. For advanced users, this preprocessor provides a proficient and convenient graphical interface independent of the solvers. Any spectral element solver can utilize this preprocessor, by reading the format of the output file from the preprocessor. Given these features, this preprocessor is useful both for novice and advanced users.