A structural expression of space



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Texas Tech University


To design a structural space which would be very flexible to either contain an Office Building, a Retail Complex, or a Housing Facility.

This structures flexibility would be an exploration of different space analysis and circulation paths, be it vertical or horizontal.

There would be permanent fixtures within the structure, which will need to be explored and examined. These fixtures would need to be considered in each of the design ideas of the structure.

Mechanical structure and activities would also be a permanent fixture within this building. An expression of the mechanical hardware would be a high consideration of the structure, it would be a major consideration of the design.

In this design the idea of being a giant warehouse to stick these facilities in, would basically be the idea to try to stay away from. This structure would need to be one to overcome the idea of just an open area, but one which could almost fit any where and be aesthically pleasing and also, functional.

Within this project the "High Tech'' style would be incorporated into the design.