Entry-lane capacity analysis of roundabouts in Texas using VISSIM, SIDRA, and the highway capacity manual



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Road safety and traffic congestion are two of the critical issues facing the transportation profession today. As a means to promote safety and efficiency at United States intersections modern roundabouts are becoming more and more common. Over the last ten years, roundabouts implementation methodologies have been developed using data collected at U.S. roundabouts. These methodologies were first published in National Cooperative Highway Report 572: Roundabouts in the United States and more recently in the second edition of the national roundabout guidelines. This work attempts to validate the use of these methodologies for roundabouts in the state of Texas and also enhance guidelines for evaluating roundabout operations by exploring the effects of exiting flow, origin-destination patterns, and mean speed on roundabout entry-lane capacity. Capacity results from VISSIM are compared to the Highway Capacity Manual entry-lane capacity curve and results from SIDRA.