Piloting a Holistic Research Dataset Management Initiative at Texas A&M




Creel, James
Lee, Dong Joon
Mejia, Ethel
Sare, Laura
Xiao, Daniel
Halling, Derek

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Texas Digital Library


Academic research at Texas A&M University (TAMU) generates huge quantities of data that are subject to reporting, preservation, and accessibility requirements from the TAMU System and US government agencies. These regulations promote academic integrity, enhance faculty profiles, build institutional reputation, improve social and environmental outcomes, and generally serve the public good. Procedures are officially described at https://rules-saps.tamu.edu/PDFs/15.99.03.M1.03.pdf. However, without institutional support, these regulations can prove to be a burden for the conduct of productive research. These responsibilities are currently handled by principal investigators (PIs), but this decentralization poses a continuous challenge for the University's imperative to track and promote re-usability of datasets.

To support PIs at the forefront of data management, TAMU’s office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) has tasked TAMU Libraries with piloting a research dataset catalog wherein research datasets will be indexed and discoverable regardless of their final deposit location. Additionally, TAMU Libraries will expand existing services in assisting PIs with data management plans, responsible handling of working data, data deposit, and long-term stewardship. Technologies to support this initiative will include a new DSpace instance serving as the catalog or index of datasets (not a data repository itself), an integration with existing TAMU research information infrastructure to assist with pre-population of catalog records, and integration with the Scholars@TAMU (https://scholars.library.tamu.edu) faculty profile system. The VPR’s initiative promises to increase discoverability and impact of research data, and we hope to increase deposit to preferred data repositories like the Texas Data Repository versus ad-hoc one-off solutions.


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