Polish news reports on CNN World Report under two different sociopolitical conditions: an analysis of content



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Texas Tech University


This report will analyze the changes that appeared in the content of reports prepared by Polish Television reporters for CNN World Report in two time periods: 1988-1989 and 1994-1995. To understand limitations under which Polish journalists worked, it is necessary to explain the historical background of the sociopolitical situation in Poland during the analyzed periods of time (Chapter II). Especially important was the situation of Polish media, particularly Polish Television under the communist regime and in democratic Poland (Chapter III). Chapter III also provides general information on the role of media in democratic systems as well as information on previous studies regarding the question of how sociopolitical structures affect the content of news stories. Chapter IV explains methodology used to collect and analyze data. Chapter V focuses on reporting collected data and is followed by the chapter of discussion and conclusions. This paper concludes with the list of references used to prepare the study and two appendices which contain examples of the coding sheet and coding instructions used in this study.