LaTeX for Beginners

Barba, Ian
Barba, Shelley E.
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Texas Digital Library

LaTeX is an important document standard for a variety of disciplines. LaTeX has features that make it unique from other document software (MS Word), that allow for greater flexibility. However, as a result of these features, the format may be less intuitive for first-time users. This proposed workshop will cover basic use of LaTeX editors, as well as an introduction to the markup language of LaTeX. Participants will gain a basic understanding of how to use the format to create documents, how to enter plain text, and how to format non-standard scripts and typesettings. For professionals that work directly or indirectly with students, particularly graduate students writing theses and dissertations, familiarity with LaTeX improves libraries’ ability to help navigate the document creation process. Though librarians typically have little to no familiarity with LaTeX, its prominence as a document standard argues for librarians to change.

Presented by Texas Tech University, Pre-conference Workshop, at TCDL 2019.