Session 09A | Lights, Camera, Action - Creating Engagement with OER Materials

gosselin, richard
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This workshop will examine the possibilities that OER materials have to offer in terms of finding suitable material, creating video, electronic flashcards, and other interactive student activities that will allow students to truly take charge of their own education. Participants will have hands-on opportunities to create for themselves beautiful and professionally-rendered products that they can be proud of and materials that students will actually use and come back to over and over again throughout the course of the semester and beyond. The workshop will also examine third-party software that does not require a license to use and is completely free to both the instructor and student alike. Moreover, it will also discuss dormant and abandoned copyright materials that have been entrusted to colleges, universities, and nonprofits and how to make good use of them in your courses.

Speaker(s): Richard Gosselin Interim Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Houston Community College "Mr. Gosselin currently serves in higher education as Interim Dean of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division of Houston Community College. He has also served as chairman of the Economics Department where he worked as a professor since 1989 teaching in the traditional classroom, dual credit at local-area high schools, and through distance education. In addition, he served in a leadership role as the Economics Program Coordinator. Lastly, Mr. Gosselin is the founding board member and first president of the National Economics Teaching Association which began in 2005." Moderated by: Michelle Hernandez-Perez, Assistant Director of Assessment, University of Houston-Downtown View recording