Incident Command System: Training and Use in Law Enforcement and Emergency Services




Crummett, Christopher

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Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT)


Law enforcement and emergency services should mandate and continue training in the use of the incident command system. The implementation of the incident command system in law enforcement and other emergency services is very important. Law enforcement and other emergency services, at times, are uneasy with the application of the incident command system for several reasons. Some of the reasons are that the agency does not want to lose control of the incident and the agency has been trained in the incident command system but they just do not use it or continue to train in the aspects of the system to become comfortable in using it. The incident command system will save lives, money, and show accountability. The incident command system in emergency services should not only be used in catastrophic incidents but also in planning events from a small town parade to a major event. With continued training in the system, the agencies should have exercises with not only their agency but include other emergency services in the area. Exercising the system will let an agency know where their problem areas are. It is better to make errors in training than in a real life emergency.