Flute repertoire for the community college: An annotated guide for practice and study presented as a supplementary teaching tool




Plagman, Anna T.

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According to data, many community college teachers of applied flute are woodwind specialists instead of flute specialists. This document consists of practice guides containing flute-specific information for use by woodwind specialists to teach an applied flute student. Literature was selected with consideration for the abilities of entering community college freshmen. Quality was based on parameters set by previous research studies and best practice articles. Each music selection was studied and practiced by the researcher before preparing a practice guide. The practice guides are organized into sections dealing with specific aspects of flute playing: tone development, vibrato production, articulation, intonation (and alternate fingerings), dynamics, tempo choice, stylistic considerations, breathing suggestions and historical/cultural considerations. Formatted this way, the compilation provides an excellent collection of flute pieces to study at the collegiate level.