Extending the K-12 art classroom into the after-school art club



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The purpose of this study was to investigate how teachers are utilizing school sponsored art clubs after the school day ends. The research was comprised of two parts of data collection. The first was an electronic questionnaire that was dispersed to the entire visual art faculty in Round Rock Independent School District, Round Rock, Texas. The second part of the research consisted of semi-structured interviews with selected qualified participants. This research is intended to better prepare current art club sponsors and encourage other art educators to take on the responsibility of art club sponsorship at their school. Using mixed methodology, an investigation was made into art club purposes, curriculum, programs, activities, benefits and impacts on students, sponsors and schools. Through this research I have gained insight into how art clubs function in one specific suburban school district in Texas. I believe the information gained from this research can be helpful to other districts and art clubs for the benefit of both art club sponsors and art club members.