A performance edition and critical report of the six sonatas for violin and harpsichord by Charles Chabran (Carlo Francesco Chiabrano)



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Texas Tech University


Charles Chabran (1723 - ?), violinist-composer, was born in Tiuin, Italy. Following study with his uncle, Giovanni Battista Somis, he moved first to Paris and finally to London. Chabran pubfished this set of six violin and harpsichord sonatas in Paris in 1751, and republished the collection in London in 1763. These works have not been available for performance since that time. A copy of this set of sonatas was located and has been transcribed using the "Finale" music notation computer program into a publisher-ready format. A realization of the figured bass in a simple chordal style is included. In addition, a critical report containing material about the historical background, comments on the sources, editorial practice, and performance suggestions has been completed to be included with the edition.

The dissertation contains information about the violins of the period and performance practice. The procedures necessary to find the music of an earlier time as well as some editorial problems is included.