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dc.creatorHilliard, William R.
dc.description.abstract"In the design of resort faeili ties.,. efficiency is not enou~h. Somehow, there must Etl~o be architectural answers to the vacationer's desire for as comnlete a chan~e from home as uossible, a justification of his exnenditure of time and money and for an atmosphere of relaxed enjoyment. "Some natural maf:,nificanoe - the sea, the mountains, the desert is the basie lodestone that makes a place a potential resort. nrn the design of resort facilities, it would seem neeessary that thin~s be done - in the disposition of elements, arrange~ent of openings, use of materials, shape and character of the group that will dramatize the surrounding natural beauty."1 These, then, ~re the problems faced by the designer in providing for the vacationer. In the end, only the solution can answer the question as to whether the prerequisites have been met and how well.
dc.subjectMountain resortsen_US
dc.titleA mountain resort for Evergreen, Colorado

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