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dc.contributor.committeeChairKvashny, Alon
dc.contributor.committeeMemberOliver, Tim
dc.contributor.committeeMemberCurrie, Melissa A.
dc.creatorScarborough, S
dc.description.abstractWhite River Youth Camp (WRYC), population 165, composed of 120 Campers and 45 counselors and staff, and located in Crosby County, Texas, currently does not have a land use plan or a long-term master plan to identify unused and undeveloped opportunities. This lack of planning has prohibited WRYC from identifying and capitalizing on its existing native environment. This failure affects camp facilities as well as camp activities.
dc.subjectYouth camp
dc.subjectComprehensive master plan
dc.subjectCrosby County (Tex.)
dc.subjectLandscape architecture
dc.titleA comprehensive master plan for White River Youth Camp, Crosby County Texas

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