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dc.creatorGarcia, Ali R. B.
dc.description.abstractThis work consisted in the simulation and the practical implementation of vector control of induction motors. The simulation covers the cases where the voltage and current sources are ideal as well as the case of a three-phase inverter is used instead. PMW and SVM were used to impress the necessary voltages to drive the motor. Hysteresis and PI current controllers were also used in during the simulations. The practical implementation deals with the velocity control of an induction motor for the cases of constant Volts per Hertz and with Indirect Vector Controller. The present work describes the steps needed to achieve velocity control of and induction motor with vector control and exposes several modulation techniques.
dc.publisherTexas Tech Universityen_US
dc.subjectField orientation principle (Electrical engineering)en_US
dc.subjectInduction -- Electronic controlen_US
dc.subjectElectric motorsen_US
dc.titleSimulation and implementation of vector control of induction motors

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