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dc.creatorThomerson, Jamie Edward
dc.description.abstractThe Orbitolina zone in Trans-Pecos Texas contains a micro fauna composed of 8 families, 16 genera, and 17 species of Foraminifera, and 2 sub-orders 3 families 17 genera, and 32 species of Ostracoda. Foraminifera predominate in the limestones I whereas ostracodes are dominant in the shaly units. Four new species of ostracodes are described. Charophytes are present in two of the measured sections. The microfaunal sonation proposed by Stead (1951) for the Glen Rose Formation of Central Texas is tentatively applied. Upper portions of the Solitario, Shafter and Mayfield Canyon section contain younger sediments than the other sections studied. The sea transgressed rapidly into the area and then regressed slowly Meet sedimentation took place during regression.
dc.publisherTexas Tech Universityen_US
dc.subjectForaminifera -- Texasen_US
dc.subjectMicropaleontology -- Texasen_US
dc.subjectOstracoda -- Texasen_US
dc.titleMicropaleontology of Orbitolina Zone, Trans-Pecos Texas

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