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    • Galveston Bay Migrates to the Web; DSpace Comes to Texas 

      Schultz, Kristen Willis (2011-04-07)
      This presentation describes how the Galveston Bay Bibliography and Galveston Bay Information Center projects transitioned from a paper world to electronic format. The mission of the Galveston Bay Information Center (GBIC) ...
    • Grants for Libraries 

      Conover, John; Leonard, Michelle; Stover, Susan (2011-04-07)
      More and more libraries, museums and cultural institutions rely on fundraising and grant writing to sustain their services, special projects, or new initiatives Since most MLIS programs do not include grant project planning ...
    • Management and Promotion of Digitization Projects: Geologic Atlas of the US 

      Weimer, Kathy (2011-04-07)
      The Geologic Atlas of the United States was digitized and stored in the Texas A&M University institutional repository.Extensive metadata was created which emphasized the geographic and geologic aspects of the material.The ...
    • The Marine Science Library, Resource Center 

      DeHart, Liz; Campbell, Jena; Reyes, Johnny (2011-04-06)
      The first concept of a new library was introduced in 2001 by a faculty member at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. The suggestion for the construction of a new library was based on two specific reasons: ...
    • Not just another pretty reef: the Gainesville Florida Reef, a satellite of the worldwide Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project 

      Leonard, Michelle (2011-04-07)
      The Gainesville Florida Reef, a satellite of the Worldwide Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, project not only shows the beauty of reefs but serves to: Foster scientific communication through the visual arts Raise awareness ...
    • Organizing Team 

      Unknown author (2011-04)
      Organizing Team
    • Otto Kellands Model Dories and the Digital Archives Initiative 

      Lawton, Catherine (2011-04-06)
      Otto Kelland was a truly unique individual in Newfoundland. During his long life he had several careers from being a prison superintendant to being an instructor at Marine Institute. During his life Kelland made hundreds ...
    • SAIL Cynthia Woods presentation 

      Conway, Steve (2011-04-11)
      Story of Mr. Conway's experience aboard and afloat.
    • SAIL Thomson Reuters Update 2011 

      Culp, Kristin (2011-04-11)
      SAIL Thomson Reuters Update 2011
    • The Science CafMovement on the Mississippi Gulf Coast 

      Shaw, Joyce M (2011-04-07)
      Science Cafes present a casual meeting place where people who may have little or no science background can learn about a current scientific topic in an informal and friendly environment. The coffee shop setting is designed ...
    • Teaching Change: Information Literacy Collaboration at Texas A&M University at Galveston 

      Baca, David; Conway, Steven (2011-04-07)
      While college students use a wide array of technologies to access information, their skills at determining what is relevant, in a university setting and in life, are poor. Many of these skills have to be taught in college ...
    • Teaching Students to Evaluate E-Reference Sources with Moodle Forums 

      VanHoeck, Michele (2011-04-07)
      This presentation will describe the use of online forums in Moodle, a course management system, to teach students to evaluate both print and electronic reference sources. For two semesters I have created an online forum ...
    • Use of Freely-Available Weebly in Creating Quick and Easy Web Pages 

      Hyde, Denise (2011-04-06)
      Weebly is a freely-available software for creating Web pages without having to know HTML. It is easy to use, with its drag and drop editor, and offers the ability to add documents, Web links, videos, slideshows, audio, ...
    • Using Scanners To Advance E-Science 

      Luciano, Henry; Mahaney, Erin; Naidoo, Lisa; Stover, Susan (2011-04-07)
      Library users have become acclimated to immediate access to digital information and rapid delivery of interlibrary loans in electronic format. The fact that a large quantity of scientific literature, including grey literature, ...
    • Welcome Presentation to SAIL 2011 Conference 

      Merrell, Bill (2011-04-11)
      Dr. Merrell's presentation to the SAIL 2011 Librarians.