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    • Doubling Down Double Jeopardy: Electronic Theses and Dissertations 

      Newman, Carey (2015-03-27)
      The 2015 TxETDA/USETDA Region 3 Joint Conference keynote address.
    • ETD Program Implementation - An Overview 

      Hammons, Laura; Lyon, Colleen (2015-03-05)
      Organized and facilitated by the TxETDA/USETDA Region 3 2015 conference planning committee, this workshop will use the ETD Lifecycle Management Guiding Documents as a foundation for preparing ETD program stakeholders and ...
    • The State of ETDs in the Lone Star State: An Update for 2014/2015 

      Lyon, Colleen (2015-01-13)
      Objective: To follow up on a 2009 survey regarding the status of ETDs at Texas institutions with more current information that can be used to guide program planning for the Texas Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association ...
    • Vireo 3.0 : A Growing Partnership in the Service of ETDs 

      Larrison, Stephanie; Park, Kristi; Steans, Ryan (2015-01-12)
      Following in the footsteps of the 2013 TxETDA conference presentation, “Vireo 2.0 : An Evolving Partnership in the Service of ETDs” by Laura Hammons, Kristi Park and Scott Phillips, we would like to provide an update on ...
    • Vireo 3.0 Training and Workshop 

      Steans, Ryan J; Larrison, Stephanie; Park, Kristi (2015-01-13)
      In 2014, the Vireo Users Group worked with developers at the Texas Digital Library and Texas A&M University to implement feature requests and employ enhancements within the Vireo ETD Submission and Management software. ...
    • Who? What? Why? When? A Tale of ETD Metadata 

      Long, Kara; Lyon, Colleen; Park, Kristi; Potvin, Sarah; Rivero, Monica; Thompson, Santi (2015-01-12)
      Early proponents of ETDs argued that moving from print to electronic format would make “these works more readily accessible to other scholars,” raising the specter that “...theses and dissertations lie moldering in library ...