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    • Beyond Metadata Connectivity 

      Oyarce, Guillermo (2012-03-08)
      ETD collections found in academic library repositories don't necessarily use consistent metadata schemes, which is problematic for resource sharing and information discovery. This poster demonstrates a two-layer solution ...
    • Check Yes or No: Analyzing Student Satisfaction with the Texas A&M University Thesis Office 

      Dromgoole, Christine (2012-02-28)
      The Texas A&M University Thesis Office uses an online survey of graduating students to gauge their satisfaction with the services provided by the Thesis Office. This poster will outline questions asked to the students; ...
    • Demystifying Library Acquisitions: Insight on How Academic Libraries Select Dissertations for Their Collections 

      Peterson-Lugo, Billie (2012-02-28)
      With the widening accessibility of electronic theses and dissertations, do academic libraries refrain from purchasing books based on revised dissertations? Do students express this concern when asked why they want to embargo ...
    • Embattled by Embargoes: One Librarian’s Experience with ETDs, Copyright & Faculty 

      Holmes, Ramona (2012-02-28)
      The DSpace instance at UT Arlington, locally named the ResearchCommons, has had its share of unusual requests concerning ETDs. This presentation discusses a myriad of issues the library faced in regards to who owns copyright, ...
    • ETDs at UNT: Rhapsody in Green 

      Kleister, Jill; Alemneh, Daniel (2012-02-28)
      UNT began mandatory ETDs for both theses and dissertations in fall 1999, making us the 3rd institution in the world to go “electronic” in this way. There have been challenges along the way, but from the very beginning ...
    • Hot Topics in Copyright 

      Clement, Gail (2012-02-28)
      In this session we will look at real-life copyright questions and issues raised on the ETD-L list and consider the “best” responses to address them. Please bring questions from your own ETD offices so we can add them to ...
    • The Life Cycle of Electronic Theses and Dissertations 

      Halbert, Martin (2012-02-28)
      How will institutions address the entire lifecycle of ETDs, ensuring that the electronic theses and dissertations they acquire from students today will be available to future researchers? One of the most important new ...
    • The Lifecycle Management of ETDs Project 

      Schultz, Matt (2012-03-08)
      This project is collaborative, IMLS-funded research to study the challenges faced by libraries charged with curating and preserving ETD content. This poster will provide information on the project’s background, participants, ...
    • On Elective Double Submission: Data Points from the Early Years of Optional 

      Potvin, Sarah (2012-03-08)
      What compels a student to seek out ProQuest/UMI submission when his or her institution doesn’t require it? This poster presents early findings on which students elect to go beyond the University of Texas requirements and ...
    • Publishers Say YES to ETDs: The 2011 NDLTD Survey Results 

      McMillan, Gail (2012-02-28)
      A topic of discussion for well over a decade in the ETD community-in the Graduate School and the Library as well as among the graduate students and their faculty-has been how publishers view theses and dissertations that ...
    • Toward Best Practices in Integrating ETDs and Associated Data: the UNT Approach 

      Alemneh, Daniel (2012-03-08)
      Since 1999 the University of North Texas has mandated the electronic submission of theses and dissertations. Although different disciplines have different ETD structure and requirement, the UNT digital library infrastructure ...
    • TxETDA 2012 Closing Remarks 

      Meernik, James (2012-02-28)
      TxETDA 2012 Closing Remarks
    • TxETDA 2012 Opening Remarks 

      Moen, William (2012-02-28)
      Opening remarks for TxETDA 2012
    • Vireo ETD Submission and Management System Development Update 

      Steans, Ryan; Park, Kristi (2012-02-27)
      Vireo, developed at the Texas Digital Library, is a submission and management tool for electronic theses and dissertations. Conceived as a solution for greatly increasing the accessibility and awareness of research created ...