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    • Batch Importing into DSpace with the SAFCreator 

      Creel, James (2016-05-24)
      A commonly difficult use case for any digital repository is the ingest of large batches of items. Batches can come from all sorts of campus and community stakeholders with varying types and quantities of content, differing ...
    • Batch processes for faculty work in an institutional repository 

      Borrego, Gilbert; Kehoe, Chris; Roberts, David; Lyon, Colleen (2016-05-25)
      IR managers frequently run into problems with getting submissions into their systems. Getting the word out to campus about the service can be difficult and even interested faculty may not always have time to follow through ...
    • “A Battle Axe in the Time of Battle” - Procedures, Policies and Other Protectants When Working With Sensitive Content 

      Ames, Eric (2016-05-25)
      Every collection has them: materials that contain sensitive content, from songs that disparage cultural groups to forms with identifying information like Social Security numbers and birthdates. And as more and more archival ...
    • "Better Living in North Carolina": Challenges of Presenting Agricultural Statistics From The Past 

      Stewart, James R. (2016-05-25)
      The Special Collections Research Center at NCSU Libraries is exploring historical datasets as part of its LSTA-funded digitization project “Better Living in North Carolina: Bringing Technology To The People.” Through the ...
    • Beyond Text: Best Practices for Cataloging Music-ETDs and Associated Audio-Visual Materials 

      Hartsock, Ralph; Alemneh, Daniel (2016-05-25)
      Current writings about the cataloging and access creation for ETDs has focused solely on print or text. The performing arts, and increasingly, the sciences, utilize other media that must be accounted for during cataloging. ...
    • BIBFRAME Beginnings at UT Austin 

      Cofield, Melanie; Davis, Jee-Hyun; Brown, Amy; Quagliana, Alisha; Ringwood, Alan (2016-05-24)
      Staff from UT Libraries, the Harry Ransom Center, and the Tarlton Law Library have been collaborating in discussion group activities during the last year to develop knowledge and skills in anticipation of life after MARC, ...
    • Birds of a Feather: Archivematica 

      Allain, Sara; Krewer, Drew (2016-05-25)
      In this one hour Birds of a Feather session, we will discuss new and upcoming developments to Archivematica, the open-source digital preservation software platform. We will discuss features of the 1.5 Archivematica release, ...
    • Card Catalog Conversion: The Revenant 

      Scott, Bethany; Vinson, Emily (2016-05-25)
      Throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s libraries around the world tackled the monumental task of converting miles of card catalog to machine readable formats accessible by computer. While this immense undertaking was ...
    • Cataloging Services in Support of Digital Library Collections 

      Olivarez, Joseph; Furubotten, Lisa; McGeachin, Robert (2016-05-26)
      To promote inter-departmental collaboration, our presentation shows real examples of some of the many services your cataloging department can offer to support your digital projects: Organizing your serials/series and their ...
    • A Catalyst for Social Activism: The Digital Black Bibliographic Project at Texas A&M University 

      Potvin, Sarah; Hankins, Rebecca; Ives, Maura; Earhart, Amy (2016-05-26)
      What can we learn from bibliographies? A proof of concept currently underway at Texas A&M University, the Digital Black Bibliographic Project (DiBB) poses bibliographies as sites of and tools for activism, allowing new ...
    • Crafting a Digital Preservation Patchwork: Stitching the Pieces Together 

      Buckner, Sean (2016-05-25)
      Charged with developing a digital preservation program at Texas A&M University that would provide coverage for the University Libraries and those they serve, in 2015 the newly hired Digital Preservation Librarian began ...
    • Creating a Roadmap for Digital Scholarship Services at the University of Houston Libraries 

      Thompson, Santi; Been, Josh; Bennett, Miranda; Hilyer, Lee Andrew; Malizia, Michelle (2016-05-26)
      Over the last decade, scholarship has predominantly originated and lived in the digital environment. Not surprisingly, scholars, researchers, and students are increasingly in need of skills related to data literacy and ...
    • The Data Archivist: the archivist’s role in data management and preservation 

      Allain, Sara; Romkey, Sarah (2016-05-26)
      Research data management is undoubtedly a hot topic in digital librarianship today. Increasingly, academic institutions are relying on services within the library to help researchers build data management plans (DMPs) and ...
    • The Dataverse Project: An Open-Source Data Repository and Data Sharing Community 

      Quigley, Elizabeth (2016-05-25)
      This poster discusses the Dataverse Project, an open-source data repository and data sharing community.
    • Developments and Innovations in the Vireo 4.x ETD Submittal System 

      Larrison, Stephanie; Krumholz, Gad; Creel, James; Huff, Jeremy; Welling, William; Mathew, Rincy; Hahn, Doug; Bolton, Michael; Steans, Ryan (2016-05-26)
      The Vireo ETD (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation) Submission and Management System began service in the graduate office at Texas A&M in 2008. An open source software project, Vireo has now been deployed at over a dozen ...
    • Digital Collections Units as Learning Labs 

      Boeke, Cindy (2016-05-25)
      As Digital Humanities and Digital Scholarship (DH/DS) become increasingly popular in many academic departments, digital collections can be used as teaching tools and/or the basis of projects for both undergraduate and ...
    • Digital Image Collections @ University of Hawaii 

      Chantiny, Martha (2016-05-25)
      Present wide range of uses of open-source software "Streetprint" (LAMP-based, pre-Omeka-type application) - including making unique and fragile scrapbooks and research materials available as digital surrogates. See: ...
    • Digital Projects Outreach: A Challenge to Traditional Library Liaison Services 

      Johnson, Lynn; Mirza, Rafia; Reece, Derek (2016-05-26)
      UT Arlington Libraries has developed new ways to partner with faculty and students to create and enhance digital projects. Discussing several faculty collaborations, the speakers will explore the process from the library ...
    • Digitizing the Hawaii Mainichi - English/Japanese OCR @ University of Hawaii at Mano 

      Chantiny, Martha (2016-05-25)
      Poster presentation for the 2016 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL) discussing the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Library's digitization of the Hawaii Mainichi and the English/Japanese OCR.
    • Diving into Data: Implementing a Data Repository at the Texas Digital Library 

      Thompson, Santi; Park, Kristi; Donald, Jeremy; Herbert, Bruce; Quigley, Elizabeth; Buckner, Sean; Kaspar, Wendi Arant; Lauland, Nick; Peters, Todd C.; Rodgers, Denyse; Smith, Cecelia; Starcher, Christopher; Uzwyshyn, Ray; Waugh, Laura (2016-05-26)
      The need for Data Management services is one of two large‐scale needs consistently expressed by members of the Texas Digital Library (TDL), a consortium of academic libraries throughout the state. In particular, members ...