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dc.contributor.advisorResta, Paul E.en
dc.contributor.advisorVeletsianos, Georgeen
dc.creatorMutohar, Agusen 2012en
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to explore gaps of ICT integration in Indonesian education in primary and secondary schools in Indonesia. The gaps of ICT integration in education were identified through documents such as government official publication, non-governmental reports and other documents to describe the context of ICT education in Indonesia. The finding of this study can inform researchers, practitioners, and policy makers about how to integrate ICT in primary and secondary education in Indonesia. The study found that ICT integration in primary and secondary education in Indonesia still face significant challenges in ICT integration in learning due to the absence of ICT national standards, ICT financial policies, the lack of professional development and ICT leadership. Therefore, this study recommends that nationwide ICT implementation process requires actionable ICT plans, more investment on ICT facilities in schools, continuous professional development, curriculum aligned with ICT, local ICT opportunities such as using mobile phones for ICT integration in schools.en
dc.subjectICT Educationen
dc.subjectPrimary and secondaryen
dc.subjectDeveloping country, Indonesiaen
dc.titleIdentifying and bridging the gaps of ICT integration in primary and secondary education in Indonesiaen
dc.description.departmentCurriculum and Instructionen

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