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dc.contributor.advisorLewis, Kyle, 1961-en
dc.contributor.committeeMemberNichols, Stevenen
dc.creatorHamilton, Timothy Leightonen 2012en
dc.description.abstractThis thesis determines a process to adopt and implement the disruptive practice and technology of Building Information Modeling (BIM) within the architectural-engineering-construction (AEC) community. Specific areas to address include: 1. Define process, adoption and integration as related to BIM implementation 2. Describe why BIM is a disruptive technology today 3. Identify reactive and proactive BIM outcomes 4. Evaluate and select process options for a specific BIM project 5. Describe the roles and responsibilities of participants, or stakeholders, in the BIM process 6. Identify consistent factors that influence BIM return on investment (ROI) at the project and company levels 7. Communicate the BIM process to management, colleagues and project stakeholders 8. Outline a process for BIM adoption and implementation at the project and company levels. The research methodology includes literature reviews and case studies. This research extends key teachings of the University of Texas at Austin Executive Engineering Management curriculum and gives the reader insight into the adoption and implementation of disruptive technologies.en
dc.subjectDisruptive technologyen
dc.subjectBuilding information modelingen
dc.titleBIM deployment : a process to adopt and implement a disruptive technologyen
dc.description.departmentEngineering Managementen

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