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dc.contributor.advisorHorwitz, Elaine Kolker, 1950-en
dc.contributor.committeeMemberSardegna, Veronica G.en
dc.creatorHavelaar, Margaret Eniden 2012en
dc.description.abstractThis work explores various methods teachers can use to promote high quality second language oral production. It consists of a review of empirical research and pedagogical implications related to the following factors: 1) Pre-task planning, 2) within-task planning, 3) task repetition, 4) task design, 5) formulaic sequences, 6) learner strategies, 7) form instruction, and 8) error correction. The work concludes with a consideration of issues within the literature and a brief summary of pedagogical implications.en
dc.subjectForeign language pedagogyen
dc.subjectOral productionen
dc.subjectPre-task planningen
dc.subjectWithin-task planningen
dc.subjectTask repetitionen
dc.subjectTask designen
dc.subjectFormulaic sequencesen
dc.subjectLearner strategiesen
dc.subjectForm instructionen
dc.subjectError correctionen
dc.titleImproving second language oral production : teaching implications from recent researchen
dc.description.departmentForeign Language Educationen

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