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dc.contributor.advisorWilcox, Gary B.en
dc.contributor.committeeMemberKahlor, LeeAnnen
dc.creatorLyle, Matthew Danielen 2011en
dc.description.abstractThe benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR, for short) have long been debated among corporations. The debate is a legitimate one as the decision where to invest money is always a difficult one. Should the money be put towards marketing to better brand your company? Should it be invested in infrastructure to improve the efficiency of the company and better position it for the future? Or should it be invested back into the community in which the customers live? This professional report will detail and analyze a number of company initiatives that are currently going on or that have taken place in the past in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility. My intentions are to look at these CSR programs through the lens of ROI and, more specifically, profitability.en
dc.subjectCorporate social responsibilityen
dc.subjectPepsi refresh projecten
dc.titleCorporate social responsibility : a refreshing idea?en

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