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dc.contributor.advisorIsackes, Richard M.en
dc.contributor.committeeMemberOtte, Ray C.en
dc.creatorMcMeeking, Anne Catherineen 2011en
dc.description.abstractSynaisthe is an intermedia dance performance that premiered in March 2011 at the University Co-op Presents the Cohen New Works Festival, at the University of Texas at Austin. The context of Synaisthe is two-fold. In one aspect, the work lives in the world of theatrical design, emerging technologies, storytelling practices, and performance theory. In its subject matter, Synaisthe is in conversation with cognitive science, neurology, human perception, and the exploration of individual experience. This event, driven by a technology centered devising process, included; dance, a live band, an infra-red motion tracking floor projection system, manipulation of media through midi-instrument control, a walkman converted into a wearable sonic-fabric costume reading device, and an audience inclusive dance party. The creation of Synaisthe came about as a result of three major aims. A design and technology centered devising process, immersive interaction, and exploration of non-traditional collaborative structures. I endeavor to create a performance as means of researching the influence of media on performance practice.en
dc.subjectTechnical theatreen
dc.subjectComputer arten
dc.subjectInfrared motion trackingen
dc.titleSynaisthe : an investigation of media integration in devised performanceen
dc.description.departmentTheatre and Danceen

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