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dc.contributor.advisorVishwanath, Sriramen
dc.contributor.committeeMemberde Veciana, Gustavoen
dc.contributor.committeeMemberCaramanis, Constantineen
dc.contributor.committeeMemberVoloch, Felipeen
dc.contributor.committeeMemberErez, Urien
dc.creatorJafarian, Aminen 2011en
dc.description.abstractA central feature of wireless networks is multiple users sharing a common medium. Cellular systems are among the most common examples of such networks. The main phenomenon resulting from this inter-user interaction is interference, and thus analyzing interference networks is critical to determine the capacity of wireless networks. The capacity region of an interference network is defined as the set of rates that the users can simultaneously achieve while ensuring arbitrarily small probability of decoding error. It is an inherently hard problem to find the capacity region of interference networks. Even the capacity region of a general 2-user interference channel is a prominent open problem in information theory. This work's goal is to derive achievable regions that are improved over known results, and when possible, capacity theorems, for K user interference networks. Another multiuser channel that is commonly found in wireless systems is a broadcast channel. Broadcast channels stand side by side with Interference channels as the two of the most important channels for which capacity results are still not completely known. In this work we develop inner and outer bounds on the capacity region of fading broadcast channels, using which we find a part of the capacity region under some conditions. In summary, this work first presents coding arguments for new achievable rate regions and, where possible, capacity results for K-user interference networks. Second, it provides inner and outer-bounds for a class of fading broadcast channels.en
dc.subjectMulti-user information theoryen
dc.subjectLattice codingen
dc.subjectBroadcast channelen
dc.subjectChannel capacityen
dc.subjectInterference channelen
dc.subjectFading broadcast channelen
dc.titleOn the capacity of multi-terminal systems : the interference and fading broadcast channelsen
dc.description.departmentElectrical and Computer Engineeringen

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