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dc.contributor.advisorMickenberg, Julia L.en
dc.contributor.committeeMemberHoelscher, Stephen D.en
dc.creatorHahn, Laurie Elizabethen 2010en
dc.description.abstractThis report seeks to analyze photographic representation of sororities and fraternities in the University of Texas Cactus yearbooks between the years 1945 and 1970. I analyze changes in both candid and posed group portraits and put them in context of political activity on campus, as well as the growing extra-curricular options students were offered during college. Between 1945 and 1970, photos of University Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council Greeks in the Cactus changed dramatically, and I argue that this was the result of increasing polarization on campus between the liberal and conservative communities. While leftist political activity was highly visible, Greeks remained conservative, and their representation in the Cactus reflects their resulting shifting role on campus. Similarly, the change reflects an ever-growing number of extra-curricular activities that forced Greeks to share the spotlight with other student groups.en
dc.subjectCampus politicsen
dc.titleSingsongs, sisters, and frattie friends : the changing face of sororities and fraternities in the Cactus from 1945 to 1970en
dc.description.departmentAmerican Studiesen

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