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dc.contributor.advisorButler, Kent S.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberZhang, Ming
dc.creatorLivingston, Ashley Lynn Hvolbeck 2011
dc.description.abstractThis paper seeks to develop an understanding of the conceptualization and development processes of two mixed-use developments in the Austin, Texas area: Midtown Commons, a transit-oriented development, and Cedar Park Town Center, a proposed New Urbanist style town center. Following a critical analysis of the pertinent literature that defines and contextualizes mixed-use, the author explores the history and background of each case study. Each case study is then evaluated and scored on a series of criteria to determine how successful each project has been, and what barriers each project faced in the development process. The paper ends with the author‘s conclusions and recommendations for future mixed-use projects in Austin.
dc.subjectMixed-use developments
dc.subjectAustin, Texas
dc.subjectMidtown Commons
dc.subjectCedar Park Town Center
dc.titleEvaluating mixed use developments : successes, failures, and recommendations for future developments
dc.description.departmentCommunity and Regional Planning

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