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dc.contributor.advisorBarber, Suzanne
dc.contributor.committeeMemberGraser, Thomas
dc.creatorLebo, Julie A. 2016
dc.description.abstractRequirements are the foundation of any successful project, as they provide the guidance and constraints to build a system. Requirement engineering is a critical aspect of the software development lifecycle. Work in this field has primarily focused on developing processes and methods for new development projects. However, at least 50% of people that work in the software industry work on maintenance projects and little work has been done to explore the requirement process needs in this area. A small sample of maintenance projects were analyzed to identify the current requirement process utilized, determine strengths and weaknesses of this process, and explore the necessary and desired qualities of a future requirement process. Additionally, the differences between maintenance work and new development were further explored. Criteria were then developed to determine the usefulness and effectiveness of a requirement process for a maintenance project. Existing requirement methodologies were then evaluated to determine a possible strategy that would satisfy the criteria for maintenance work. The current approaches available in the requirement engineering field all satisfy parts of the criteria, but a combination of these strategies should be used in a maintenance setting. Additional work is needed for maintenance requirement process development but existing methodologies provide useful and effective tools that can provide benefits for all types of projects.
dc.subjectRequirement engineering
dc.subjectMaintenance projects
dc.titleAn evaluation of requirement engineering methods for maintenance projects
dc.description.departmentElectrical and Computer Engineering

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