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dc.contributor.advisorKinnas, Spyros A.en
dc.contributor.advisorBiros, Georgeen
dc.creatorWu, Yunjun, M.S. in Engineeringen 2016
dc.description.abstractAn improved model of VIScous Vorticity Equation (VISVE) in 2-D is proposed and implemented in this thesis. Based on the original model, non-orthogonal terms have been included in this model in order to apply to meshes with skewness. A surface pressure model has been designed in order to predict the time evolution of pressure and force. Parallelization has been implemented in the code to shorten the computational time cost. The proposed method is applied to an impulsive started cylinder, which is a classic unsteady separated flow in 2-D. New griding has been created in order to apply to the cylinder geometry. Results are correlated with published experimental and numerical data. The flow patterns were captured in the converging solution. Grid independence and sufficiency of the computational domain are evaluated.en
dc.subjectVortex Induced Vibrations (VIV)en
dc.subjectVorticity equation solveen
dc.titleA vorticity based model and its application to flow around an impulsively started cylinderen
dc.description.departmentMechanical Engineeringen

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