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dc.contributor.advisorBryant, Diane Pedrottyen
dc.contributor.committeeMemberLinan-Thompson, Sylviaen
dc.creatorAkinola, Olayemi Ajibolaen 2015en
dc.description.abstractThis study is a review of literature on the experiences of African American parents of children with disabilities in the special education system. The reviewed works span between 1990 and 2014, and the purpose of the review is to understand (a) the experiences of African American parents of children with disabilities with the special education process, (b) the factors impacting these parents participation in their children’s education, (c) their experiences with special education professionals, and (d) their perspectives on the factors that hinders or facilitate their relationship with special education professionals. Thirteen studies met the inclusion criteria of being published in peer-reviewed journals or dissertations and investigating the experiences of African American parents of children who receive special education services. The findings suggest that parents' participation in special education processes and parent-professional relationships are influenced by factors such as communication issues, cultural difference, support from the system, knowledge of special education law and procedures. I conclude this study by proposing recommendations for improving the experiences of African American parents in special education process.en
dc.subjectAfrican American parentsen
dc.subjectSpecial education systemen
dc.subjectParental involvementen
dc.subjectParents participationen
dc.subjectParent-professional relationshipen
dc.titleThe experience of African American parents with the special education system : a review of literatureen
dc.description.departmentSpecial Educationen

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