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dc.contributor.advisorDooling, Sarah
dc.creatorSteverson, Jenniferen 2014en
dc.description.abstractThis report is focused on the implementation strategies used by municipal governments to provision communities in San Diego California and Austin Texas with public parks. Green space is an important amenity in urban areas that improves the quality of life for residents. Low income who experience sustained mental fatigue from the stress associated with acquiring basic necessities may experience stress alleviation in vegetated environments. Comprehensive planning documents, city budgets and interviews with parks department employees were used to investigate the methods used to ensure equitable access to public parks in urban areas. Digital cartography was used to measure the proximity to green space at the city and neighborhood scale. Green space was broadly defined to include public parks, conserved lands, community gardens, greenways, and school yards. This is in keeping with the comprehensive plans of both cities.en
dc.subjectPublic parksen
dc.subjectGreen spaceen
dc.subjectUrban planningen
dc.subjectParks and recreationen
dc.titleEquitable access to green space : management strategies in San Diego California and Austin Texasen
dc.description.departmentCommunity and Regional Planningen

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