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dc.contributor.advisorMickey, Susan E.
dc.creatorBennett, Hope MacRobertsen 2014en
dc.description.abstractThis thesis describes an exploration of creative process and a set of methods used to find new ideas for theatrical design. The project began with questions about repetition and disruption. Can altering a typical process of designing a show help when designing the same show repeatedly, as an opera designer needs to be able to do? Can new ideas be generated not from streamlining one process but using a diverse pattern of research methods? How does using one design of the same opera as a lens for another affect the sum of both works and the understanding of the work? Several methods of work process are examined and explained.en
dc.titleBohème bohème : finding a way into new design using disruption of design methoden
dc.description.departmentTheatre and Danceen

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