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dc.contributor.advisorSchallert, Diane L.
dc.creatorPeshwe, Akhilesh Vasantraoen 2014en
dc.description.abstractIn finding ways to help students achieve their goals and become productive members of society, mere categorization of students as successful or unsuccessful is insufficient. Hence, in this report, I explore the literature to understand the connections between the construct of underachievement and other such aspects as motivation, anxiety, attitude, cognitive ability, self-efficacy, and learning strategies that are also related to underachievement and may play a crucial role in its reversal. I propose an organization of a lesson plan based on the use of the mother tongue in order to reverse low achievement while specifically delving into the Indian context when learning English as a second language.en
dc.subjectLow achievementen
dc.subjectMother tongueen
dc.subjectSecond languageen
dc.titleUse of students’ native language in reversing their underachievement when learning English as a second languageen
dc.description.departmentEducational Psychologyen

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