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dc.contributor.advisorBryant, Diane Pedrotty
dc.creatorChavez, Melissa Marieen 2013en
dc.description.abstractThe writing performance of all students is a critical factor for school success. In order for students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) to have increased positive social and academic outcomes, it is imperative to continue intervention research that addresses noncompliance behavior and completion of writing tasks. This study examined the effects of high-probability request sequence interventions on the compliance behaviors and writing outcomes of two students with EBD using a multiple-baseline-across-participants design. Additionally, this study examined the social validity of the intervention procedures through the use of questionnaires for both the teachers and the participants. Results indicated that the intervention is effective in increasing both behavioral and cognitive engagement in a writing task. Educational and research implications, measures of social validity, and measures of intervention effectiveness are discussed.en
dc.subjectHigh-probability requesten
dc.subjectEmotional and behavioral disordersen
dc.titleThe impact of using high-probability request sequence interventions to increase compliance behaviors, writing production, and writing quality in students with emotional and behavioral disordersen
dc.description.departmentSpecial Educationen

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