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dc.contributorMorrison, Gerald
dc.creatorObidigbo, Ekene R.
dc.description.abstractThe leakage flow through straight through labyrinth seals with tooth on stator was investigated by performing CFD simulations .ANSYS Fluent is used to simulate the fluid flow through straight through Labyrinth seals. The effect of seal geometry on discharge coefficient, carry over coefficient and expansion factor is studied by varying clearance, pitch, tooth height, tooth width ,Reynolds number and rotor speed. Derived quantities Such as carry over coefficient, coefficient of discharge and expansion factor are analyzed as a function of the tooth with preceding cavity to predict the effectiveness of the seal. To understand the effect of varying seal geometries and swirl, 2D CFD simulations were performed. It was found that the clearance to pitch ratio is a strong geometry factor which affect the performance of the seal. The carryover coefficient which describes the portion of kinetic energy carried over from one cavity to the next is also examined. It was found to be a function of Reynolds number and shaft speed. Discharge coefficient describes the losses which occur when fluid flows through the cavity and under the tooth. Just like the carryover coefficient, it is also discovered that it is a strong function of Reynolds number and shaft speed.
dc.titleThe Effect of High Rotational Speed on the Performance of Straight-through Labyrinth Seals for Compressible and Incompressible Flow

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