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dc.contributorBhattacharya, Raktim
dc.creatorDutta, Parikshit
dc.description.abstractRecently there has been growing interest to characterize and reduce uncertainty in stochastic dynamical systems. This drive arises out of need to manage uncertainty in complex, high dimensional physical systems. Traditional techniques of uncertainty quantification (UQ) use local linearization of dynamics and assumes Gaussian probability evolution. But several difficulties arise when these UQ models are applied to real world problems, which, generally are nonlinear in nature. Hence, to improve performance, robust algorithms, which can work efficiently in a nonlinear non-Gaussian setting are desired. The main focus of this dissertation is to develop UQ algorithms for nonlinear systems, where uncertainty evolves in a non-Gaussian manner. The algorithms developed are then applied to state estimation of real-world systems. The first part of the dissertation focuses on using polynomial chaos (PC) for uncertainty propagation, and then achieving the estimation task by the use of higher order moment updates and Bayes rule. The second part mainly deals with Frobenius-Perron (FP) operator theory, how it can be used to propagate uncertainty in dynamical systems, and then using it to estimate states by the use of Bayesian update. Finally, a method to represent the process noise in a stochastic dynamical system using a nite term Karhunen-Loeve (KL) expansion is proposed. The uncertainty in the resulting approximated system is propagated using FP operator. The performance of the PC based estimation algorithms were compared with extended Kalman filter (EKF) and unscented Kalman filter (UKF), and the FP operator based techniques were compared with particle filters, when applied to a duffing oscillator system and hypersonic reentry of a vehicle in the atmosphere of Mars. It was found that the accuracy of the PC based estimators is higher than EKF or UKF and the FP operator based estimators were computationally superior to the particle filtering algorithms.
dc.subjectNonlinear estimation
dc.subjectstochastic dynamical systems
dc.subjectuncertainty quantification
dc.subjectpolynomial chaos
dc.subjectFrobenius-Perron operator
dc.subjectKarhunen Loeve expansion
dc.subjectoptimal filtering
dc.titleNew Algorithms for Uncertainty Quantification and Nonlinear Estimation of Stochastic Dynamical Systems

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