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dc.contributorSrinivasan, Vinod
dc.creatorBertka, Benjamin Theodore
dc.description.abstractRecent advances in the field of educational technology have promoted the re-purposing of entertainment-oriented games and software for educational applications. This thesis extends a project developed at Texas A&M University called Room 309, a re-purposed modification of Valve Software?s Source Development Kit that models classroom scenarios to pre-service teachers. To further explore effectiveness in the area of re-playability, this work incorporates emergent game behaviors and environments using cellular automata, randomness, and influence maps within the existing nonemergent structure. By introducing these qualities game play is expected to become less predictable, thus increasing the effectiveness of Room 309 as a learning tool.
dc.subjectGame Engine
dc.subjectCellular Automata
dc.subjectInfluence Maps
dc.subjectArtificial Intelligence
dc.titleModding for Emergence: Using Cellular Automata, Randomness, and Influence Maps in the Source Game Engine

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