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dc.contributorAbu Al-Rub, Rashid K.
dc.creatorFaruk, Abu N.
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study is to develop an understanding of the behavior of metallic structures in small scales. Structural materials display strong size dependence when deformed non-uniformly into the inelastic range. This phenomenon is widely known as size effect. The primary focus of this study is on developing analytical models to predict some of the most commonly observed size effects in structural metals and validating them by comparing with experimental results. A nonlocal rate-dependent and gradient dependent theory of plasticity on a thermodynamically consistent framework is adopted for this purpose. The developed gradient plasticity theory is applied to study size effects observed in biaxial and thermal loading of thin films and indentation tests. One important intrinsic material property associated with this study is material length scale. The work also presents models for predicting length scales and discusses their physical interpretations. It is found that the proposed theory is successful for the interpretation of indentation size effects in micro/nano-hardness when using pyramidal or spherical indenters and gives sound interpretation of the size effects in thin films under biaxial or thermal loading.
dc.subjectsize effects
dc.subjectlength scale
dc.subjectgradient plasticity theory.
dc.titlePrediciting Size Effects and Determing Length Scales in Small Scale Metaliic Volumes

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