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dc.contributorGretzel, Ulrike
dc.creatorPhilmon, Brittany Diane
dc.description.abstractThe Millennial Generation, typically agreed upon by researchers to be those born from 1982 through 2000, displays exclusive characteristics making it truly different from other previous generations. As of 2000, this generation comprised about one fourth of the total US population, making this cohort's attributes demand consideration. The Millennials are quickly becoming a large factor in the workforce, now finishing college and becoming active consumers in the economy; hence, rapidly becoming a large portion of the traveling population as well. Because this generation is the first to be exposed to the Internet from birth, generally retain positive, trusting views of companies, and have a constant need to congregate with friends and family, questions arise regarding how and to whom Millennials complain, possibly engaging in negative electronic word-of-mouth. Negative e-WOM is especially pertinent to the travel industry due to the potentially extensive harmful outcomes it can cause for practitioners. Therefore, an explanatory study was conducted with a research design that applied a qualitative approach in efforts to gain further insight to the complaint behaviors of the Millennial Generation. Research questions to whom Millennials complain were asked, as well as how and why Millennials complain in certain ways. Findings indicate Millennials typically voice complaints to friends and parents in efforts to discuss their emotions concerning the complaint and obtain their advice on the complaint. In the rare cases where Millennials do complain directly to the company, the relational aspects, convenience, and quickness of response the media offers influence which media Millennials use to issue the compliant.
dc.subjectnew media
dc.subjectcomplaint behaviors
dc.subjectMillennial generation
dc.titleComplaint Behaviors of the Millennial Generation

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