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dc.contributorAubeny, Charles
dc.contributorMurff, James
dc.creatorYang, Ming
dc.description.abstractThis study presents a method for predicting the undrained behavior of plate anchors, including out-of-plane loading of simple plates and performance of suction embedded plate anchors (SEPLA). Three dimensional finite element models are used to investigate the behavior of square and rectangular plate anchors under normal loading with eccentricity in any direction. Upper bound analyses are performed for parallel loading and torsion loading. A simple model is then fit to the FE and upper bound solutions to determine required fitting parameters for both square and rectangular plates. The simple models can, in turn, be used both to predict anchor capacity and as yield surfaces for conducting plastic limit analyses, a method capable of predicting post yield anchor trajectory. The model predictions are shown in reasonable good agreement with the experimental results. For SEPLA, a theoretical model of plastic limit analysis is developed to predict the trajectory during the ?keying? process and the ultimate capacity after the ?keying? is complete. The predicted results are consistent with relevant known solutions.
dc.subjectplate anchors
dc.subjectgeneral loading
dc.titleUndrained behavior of plate anchors subjected to general loading

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