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dc.contributorKezunovic, Mladen
dc.creatorWu, Yang
dc.description.abstractState estimation plays an important role in modern power system energy management systems. The network observability is a pre-requisite for the state estimation solution. Topological error in the network may cause the state estimation results to be seriously biased. This dissertation studies new schemes to improve the conventional state estimation in the above aspects. A new algorithm for cost minimization in the measurement placement design is proposed in this dissertation. The new algorithm reduces the cost of measurement installation and retains the network observability. Two levels of measurement place- ment designs are obtained: the basic level design guarantees the whole network to be observable using only the voltage magnitude measurement and the branch power flow measurements. The advanced level design keeps the network observable under certain contingencies. To preserve as many substation measurements as possible and maintain the net-work observability, an advanced network topology processor is introduced. A new method - the dynamic utilization of substation measurements (DUSM) - is presented. Instead of seeking the installation of new measurements in the system, this method dynamically calculates state estimation measurement values by applying the current law that regulates different measurement values implicitly. Its processing is at the substation level and, therefore, can be implemented independently in substations. This dissertation also presents a new way to verify circuit breaker status and identify topological errors. The new method improves topological error detection using the method of DUSM. It can be seen that without modifying the state estimator, the status of a circuit breaker may still be verified even without direct power flow measurements. Inferred measurements, calculated by DUSM, are used to help decide the CB status. To reduce future software code maintenance and to provide standard data ex- changes, the newly developed functions were developed in Java, with XML format input/output support. The effectiveness and applicability of these functions are ver-ified by various test cases.
dc.subjectpower systems
dc.subjectstate estimation
dc.subjectnetwork topology processing
dc.subjectmeasurement placement
dc.subjectobservability analysis
dc.titleImproved measurement placement and topology processing in power system state estimation

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